Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One for the Money

By: Janet Evanovich 4.5/5

Set in the smoggy backdrop of New Jersey we meet, Stephanie Plum, a late 20s, early 30s honest, haphazzard, and ecclectic girl with a hamster. We meet Stephanie's crazy family, including Grandma Mazur who is by far the best comedic relief since the nurse in Romeo and Juliet. Stephanie used to be a buyer in women’s lingerie and the job went kaput… so she blackmails herself a job with cousin Vinny. Cousin Vinny owns the Vinny Plum Bonds Company and she is working on the biggest case yet, capturing Joe Morelli the cop. Stephanie wants Morelli for multiple reasons, not just the $10,000 bond that he is worth, but he is the guy who took her virginity and was “the one that got away”.

Through many turn of events, and funny accolades we learn how Stephanie Plum does on her first FTA that jumped bail… and she goes on to uncover a larger crime than just a cop that is running away from the law.

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