Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Four to Score

By: Janet Evanovich 4.5/5

Finding Maxine has proved to be difficult. First she sends very cryptic silly clues that lead from one Clue to the other, and I am working with her arrogant, but not bad looking, ex boyfriend of hers. Things of course turn deadly as one of my points of contact is found dead, her friend lost a finger and her mother was scalped.  Stephanie Plum has a new car, which she manages to get blown up along with another car, her apartment gets torched and has the sexiest scene we have seen in books with Joe Morelli!

We are introduced to Sally, the sexy cross dresser and code de-coder extraordinaire, with the help of Granda Mazur, Sally, Lula and of course Ranger and Joe Morelli can Stephanie find Maxine before it is too late?

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