Sunday, May 9, 2010


Currently picked up Rant By Chuck Palahniuk lets see how long it takes me to get through it!

Paint It Black

By: Janet Fitch 4/5

I didn't even know that Janet Fitch wrote another book, and was delighted to receive this book from Kat M. as a present. I had loved White Oleander and there are parts of that book that will forever be imprinted in my mind.

Paint It Black was very different. It was about the same length as White Oleander but I thought that book dragged at times. The book is about the death of Micheal and the repercussions that happen after a death, who it hurts and who it affects, the social ladders of family structures as well as hidden secrets.

I had no idea what to expect, but of course Janet Fitch takes you on a path of darkness, and deep cold emotions. The story was about Micheal and the devastation he created through his pretending. He pretended to his mother, and his girl friend. After the death, Josie (GF) and Merideth (Mother) form a insane bond of needing to know the truth. I don't know if the truth comes out in the book in the end and I believe it leaves it as a cliff hanger. Did Micheal really love Josie? What was he looking for?


I don't think I have a full understanding of Micheal and what he was after. Was he the painter, the non sportif, the non driver, the virgin that was a hippie at heart trying to save the world, the true world? Or was he the educated Harvard Boy that played tennis, was a fantastic skier and could speak more languages than a linguistic student? I think he was a fake, a wanna be that took poor Josies real emotions for a ride. I also think that he did care about her, and was trying to leave but felt bad to leave this girl. I don't think he was ever cut out for his life he pretended. Why did he kill himself? He knew it would come out that he was a fake... he was a fake in both worlds and couldn't bring those two worlds together, maybe he had some mental issues and concerns. I don't know if Merideth would have slept with her son... there is no way, but I think there was a love beyond the motherly love, and it was because of Merideth's own fantasies.

I guess thinking about this book more and discussing it with myself makes me realize I might have enjoyed it more than I expected.