Monday, September 28, 2009

"Belong to Me"
By Maris de los Santos

Belong to Me can mean so much in so many different ways. As the sequel to “Love Walked In” I didn’t know what to expect, especially after having rated Santos’ first book a 3/5. I enjoyed this book a little more. Like in her style, Santos develops her characters thoroughly. The story follows Cornelia’s storyline, having married Teo and moving from the city into the suburbs. There are a lot of new characters the reader meets and gets the backlog of their personal stories; Piper the suburb housewife; Lake the desperate single mother; Dev her desperately intelligent son; and a variety of other characters. As the reader you wonder why so much on each character, and the descriptions are sometimes unnecessary. That is what makes the book so long. IN the end the stories of the characters do mix, there is a clear reasoning for their actions on the most part.

Maris de los Santos isn’t going to be the next Bronte, but her stories are daily lovable family stories, that anyone can relate to. These are stories of life and life’s curveballs, and the pressures of handling it all. The title “Belong to Me” is perfect for the book, as you can see the theme recurring. Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you wanted an easy feel good book, though I think there are better written books out there. 

Monday, September 21, 2009

“Simon’s Cat”
By Simon Tofield

WOW! I don’t even know where to start. First, this book came to me by mail and I forgot that I promised to review the book, so I was confused where the book came from. The book arrived on a gloomy Saturday morning that I wasn’t feeling to well. This is the best surprise ever!

Simon’s Cat isn’t per say a “word” book, and maybe some knew that and knew what to expect. I opened it up standing in the kitchen and didn’t stop laughing until I finished the book in 15 minutes. Simon’s Cat is a cartoon book of what else, Simon’s Cat, who has one very big Catanality. Like all cats, he wants to be fed all the time, is somehow under your feet all the time, and no matter what is forever getting into trouble. A little reminiscent of Garfield, but way better, as Simon’s cat feels more like your own. Some of my favorite moments, which any cat owner can relate to, are when your cat comes and cuddles and purrs, and as soon as you want to kiss him/her they shy away as if your killing them; or sleeping in the sink which always happens; and taking over 95% of the bed when you are sleeping, leaving you with no covers.

I highly recommend this to everyone of all ages. This is a great gift to people, this is a great table book, and anyone who has ever owned a cat can relate. I have never laughed so hard. I did reread the entire thing again, and I still laughed just as hard. I hope Simon Tofield keeps it up!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


“Love Walked In”
by Marisa De Los Santos

You would assume from the title that it is a story of hopeless and deeply of love, and in a way it is. There are of course different types of love other than that one true soul mate and this books explores the love between friends, mothers, and lovers.
Clare the 11 year old that has everything for her, looses her mother, as her mother drops her off at the side of the road. Her mother who goes crazy leads Clare to her estranged father and into his life. Martin, having not taken part in raising her dumps her with his girlfriend, Cornelia. Due to life’s circumstances, and expectionality of Clare, Cornelia falls in love with her and desires more than anything to help this lost child whose mother is wacked out and no where to be found. The books explores how new loves, old loves and different loves fit into your life.
I found the book strange, from the perspective of Cornelia who sites movies I have never heard of and compares her life to those of movies, to Clare who loves these new people in her life more than her estranged father. It was hard to follow the character’s thoughts and feelings, as it seems strange that after everything Clare doesn’t discuss her father, falls in love with Cornelia’s “true love”.
Eventually, the wacked out mom comes back, wants Clare, Clare is afraid of her and the mother and daughter move in with Cornelia in her new house she inherited from another wacked out lady. 
Having dealt with crazies, life is not like this at all. And sometimes for a child to forgive a crazy mother doesn’t happen! That is why this book didn’t get much approval other that that it was a quick read, and not even always!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Rescue
By Nicolas Sparks

Denise is the typical single mom with a son, Kyle, that has a speech problem. Like all lonely heroines of Nicolas Sparks’ books, she is ultimately rescued in love. She has no family to speak of and her entire life revolves around her son with whom she spends ever waking moment with. This of course leads to the problem of when is there time for love? Love of course ultimately finds her in the form of Taylor, the handsome tall fearlessly brave fireman. The plot is the secrets of Taylor’s life that hold him back from falling in love with the heroine, Denise.

I picked up this book for that reason, light and fluffy, not much thinking required. There really was no significant plot, nothing to keep you interested other than seeing if ultimately the characters fall in love and make babies. In true Nicolas Sparks fashion, his book falls down to not his greatest, to long for the story line. I was skipping words and the story still flowed, if that’s how you want to call it.