Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Rescue
By Nicolas Sparks

Denise is the typical single mom with a son, Kyle, that has a speech problem. Like all lonely heroines of Nicolas Sparks’ books, she is ultimately rescued in love. She has no family to speak of and her entire life revolves around her son with whom she spends ever waking moment with. This of course leads to the problem of when is there time for love? Love of course ultimately finds her in the form of Taylor, the handsome tall fearlessly brave fireman. The plot is the secrets of Taylor’s life that hold him back from falling in love with the heroine, Denise.

I picked up this book for that reason, light and fluffy, not much thinking required. There really was no significant plot, nothing to keep you interested other than seeing if ultimately the characters fall in love and make babies. In true Nicolas Sparks fashion, his book falls down to not his greatest, to long for the story line. I was skipping words and the story still flowed, if that’s how you want to call it.

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