Sunday, August 30, 2009

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
By John Perkins

The amazing brazen story of Mr. John Perkins who was recruited by the CIA and a company called MAIN to do economic forecasting.
John was young, didn’t like school, had no real interest in anything which landed him the job of a lifetime. The CIA used his character traits to create a confident, suave and intelligent economic mastermind. As a former Peace Corps member he was fluent in Spanish and comfortable with “rural” living.
After a large salary and economic lessons, he learned his true job. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a diary of John Perkins life, his travels, his dealings and his part in world affairs. The book he wrote almost didn’t make it till April 18th, 2003, that made him realize the heaviness and hardships he has carried with him. His journey exposes influencial corporate partners and the government’s role in the corporate deals. The heavy hand that rules the global world is exposed.
When reading this book, you are shocked and awed. It is harsh to read, and hard to believe. His journey starts in the early 70s and ends with today’s global issues. As a younger American, I can not share feelings of politics previous to the Clinton era. These are the stories you don’t read in the your history books. It was an eye opener. I don’t want to believe that these confessions are all 100% true, because if that is the case that would be a truly sad world. How much has John been tainted by his role as an EHM to feel angry and want to stir feelings of anger. With that said, readers should take care to listen to how they feel, do their own research in such important matters.
It is said that he almost didn’t write the book because the 3 times before he tried to write it, the corporations that had much to loose put threats on his life. What has stopped them?
The knowledge that if he was “rubbed out” that his book would ring more true? So everything written should be taken with a grain of salt, and we as Americans should find it out duty to do the research on the clearly biased media!

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