Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Reader

The Reader (5/5)

This is a very unexpected book, not having had the premise of the book previously. The story of Michael and
Hanna, two people that are very unlikely to meet, never mind have their lives intertwined for years to come. The story starts off on a slow pace, learning the characters and where they come from. The books take a turn for the unexpected, with the real story of Hanna during the post WWII war trials. The author makes you think about the what if, and you never really enter the character's mind. "Whose story is it?" some might ask, Hanna's story to tell of her trials as an illiterate whose circumstances took her to the concentration camps. Or is it Micheal's story, a heart broken kid that fell in love with wrong person.

The book, is a historical fiction that can make you hate or sympathize with the characters, a different way to look onto the ideas of a what a person can do with the circumstances presented to them.

A must read!

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