Tuesday, September 15, 2009


“Love Walked In”
by Marisa De Los Santos

You would assume from the title that it is a story of hopeless and deeply of love, and in a way it is. There are of course different types of love other than that one true soul mate and this books explores the love between friends, mothers, and lovers.
Clare the 11 year old that has everything for her, looses her mother, as her mother drops her off at the side of the road. Her mother who goes crazy leads Clare to her estranged father and into his life. Martin, having not taken part in raising her dumps her with his girlfriend, Cornelia. Due to life’s circumstances, and expectionality of Clare, Cornelia falls in love with her and desires more than anything to help this lost child whose mother is wacked out and no where to be found. The books explores how new loves, old loves and different loves fit into your life.
I found the book strange, from the perspective of Cornelia who sites movies I have never heard of and compares her life to those of movies, to Clare who loves these new people in her life more than her estranged father. It was hard to follow the character’s thoughts and feelings, as it seems strange that after everything Clare doesn’t discuss her father, falls in love with Cornelia’s “true love”.
Eventually, the wacked out mom comes back, wants Clare, Clare is afraid of her and the mother and daughter move in with Cornelia in her new house she inherited from another wacked out lady. 
Having dealt with crazies, life is not like this at all. And sometimes for a child to forgive a crazy mother doesn’t happen! That is why this book didn’t get much approval other that that it was a quick read, and not even always!

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