Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Hunger Games

By: Suzzane Collins 5/5

The distopia future of the United States, after an uprising against the government control, cities where closed off and forced under a strict regime. There were 13 separate “Districts” though the 13th was over taken by the government as a show to the other 12 to instill fear in the people.  This is the story of a world where youth between the ages of 10 – 18 in each of those 12 districts get chosen to fight to the death in the Capitol city as a show that is broadcast nationally.

Thus is the story of Katniss, the girl who is running her family of her mother and her younger and fragile sister. Katniss is a hunter, more specifically a bow and arrow hunter that she learned from her dad. Katniss chooses to go, which is a rarity on its own, instead of her young and fragile sister. From her district the boy that is chosen is Peeta a boy that Katniss knew from her class.

They go to the State of Panem and are given an entourage that makes them ready for opening ceremonies, and they are a hit. They are paired together, given interviews and given coaching by the District 11 town drunk.  They are entered into the staging area of the games that is controlled by a board, and it is every man for himself… or is it?

Surviving is the name of the game, and it is truly based on what human race can do to live.  There are bonds that are made that are meant to be broken… and what can Katniss do… killing a human is much different than killing an animal? Or is it?

These games push people to their brink, those that have been training their whole lives from Districts 1, 2, 3, and 4 as Careers to those that had no other choice… like Rue. There are friendships that get formed and lies, and struggle.

This books makes us question what we are capable of doing when your life is on the line… it makes us question how much power can the government have, and will this be the end of society that we know. The society that is so based on multi media they can not function. The society of different levels…. Follow Katniss in her struggle for survival and what she does in The Hunger Games.

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