Thursday, July 8, 2010

Travels in Small Town America

Bill Bryson 4.5/5

Like all Bill Bryson, I really enjoyed this book.  I am not sure of what order Bryson wrote his books though I do know that this book was published in 1987, and much has changed since then, including Bryson’s writing.

I was surprised at the ease of his writing and the social commentary he makes on races, economy and more. In today’s world he would have been considered a racist, though in 1987 it was a different time. People were not afraid of using certain terms with the constant fear of being called or charged of racism. I think his book was an honest look at America during that time. Could it be relative today? Sure.  I was genuinely pleased at the lack of being held back. I also think that he wrote more to the reader, to the avid reader by using some of my favorite words; chagrin, curmudgeon and more. There are many passages in his book that could be reread and reread where you can always laugh!

This book, like all, are stories of his travels, he was younger, faster at judging and had a different perspective on life.  Knowing and having read his previous books this was a treat. It really was a travel through America at the time, has it change? Maybe not!

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