Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sarah Walters 5/5

WOW! Talk about a surprise! Romantic and sexy in Victorian England, of family secrets and betrayals. Great book.

The story of two girls whose lives were bound to be intertwined in the long run. There is the Lady and the thief who would never have met in normal circumstances but under a suspenseful Victorian novel they do. There is murder, sexy, pornography, books, plots and trickery and more, all of which shock you when it is not expected.

There are so many bends and twists to the novel you never see it coming. You care for one character and then you hate them, you love them and then you betray them like they betrayed you. Your emotions are on a roller coaster when reading this story.

 The story of Maud and Sue, of different love and what can friendship mean. Even the ending is unexpected. I highly recommend this book but it is not for the feint of heart. An uncle that sits in his Briar home that doesn’t understand normal little girls, puts Maud in a very serious position that would be shameful to Ladies of London, the only one who really appreciates Maud is Sue, the little thief from the roads of London that comes to be the maid to Ms. Maud. And so they story unfolds.

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