Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Moon

By Stephanie Meyer 2/5

Well its fluff, lots of fast reading fluff. I have to start out by saying I picked this one up first and never read Twilight, because I was confused on which one was the first one.

Basically… Girl had been in love with hottest guy in school who happens to be vampire. Girl is accepted by non-human-biting family clan, the Cullens, and her main desire is to turn into a vampire because at 18 years of age she is 100% sure that she wants to spend all of eternity with this guy! Girl is clutsy and gets into trouble a lot, cuts herself at the Cullens and causes family drama, boy dumps girl!

Girl is sick and heartbroken over teenage love, finds comfort in sexy tall guy friend that happens to be a werewolf! He loves her, she is confused, her love comes back and gets mixed up the THE Family of Vampires that want her changed also. Werewolf does not want her changed but she has to or the Volturi (The IT Family) will kill her if she doesn’t become vampire!

All this in like 500 pages! Doesn’t mean I probably won’t read the following books because they are great traveling fast reads!

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