Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rant Finished


Bizarre and weird like many of Palahniuks books. The story of Rant Casey the unbreakable strange boy that hops through time.  Rant Casey starts out having a normal life like any other person and learns of his inability to be hurt by poisons, he becomes a thrill seeker, to be bitten and poisoned and becomes pretty invincible. He ends up in a world where there are day timers and night timers and he falls in love with a girl. They are car chasers like bumper cars with real cars. These night car chasing days are themed and he becomes very good at this.

Sometimes the book is hard to follow, to understand all the different Rant Caseys that hop through time and interact between themselves. The whole idea is that they keep reproducing a better built human the can survive more. The final Rant Casey kills himself in a car chase and that is the climax of the book and ends well…. You will just have to see!

I think I liked this book I think less than I liked for example, Lullaby. I look forward to his other book that came out… Pygmy

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