Thursday, December 31, 2009

Going Rogue

By: Sarah Palin 5/5

There has been much controversy about one woman in America, there hasn’t been so much written about a family since the royal family. So what is all the craze about?

A mother of 5, from a middle class family in small town America, made the good old boys in DC shake in their boots by living the American dream and showing what America is about. Sarah Palin born in Alaska, lived a moderate conservative lifestyle with no extravagances, she lived the dream that if you want something and you work hard for it, you can make anything possible. As a concerned citizen of Wasilla, she found herself in local politics where she served proudly while still being the fantastic and caring mother she is. Politics, as it turns out, worked for her, and she was elected governor of the biggest state in the Union with the largest profitable industry in natural resources. With very little support and even less money, her political tactics of sticking to the point and talking in common sense terms worked for Alaska’s people and they chose her. She vowed to change the “normal” politics of corruption in Juneau and she did.

The book takes the reader on a tour of the past decade in the life of the Palins. Challenges faced her everyday; as a woman; as a mother; as a fiscal conservative; as an ethical politician. These characteristics and a fantastic smile, wit and charm, and her political background of getting things done, led her to the Republican National Convention nominee for VP on the McCain ballot. No one would could have foreseen the role of the Democratic party and the media played in trying to destroy someone’s morals. It seemed from the very beginning, despite the jump in poles with the new VP nominee, that the RNC wasn’t there to help and were afraid of going against the regular way of doing things; getting to the point. The national media tried to destroy all of the Palin’s and the Heath’s character. No other candidate, Republican or Democrat, had their family placed in the national spotlight the way they were. How can a family with strong ethics and morals and good American values combat a louder in your face group of people: the MEDIA? In the end, the RNC blames Sarah Palin as having gone Roque, and the reason for loosing the election. Facts were never part of the deal, and in the 21st century TV plays a large role in people’s lives.

In the end, the Ms. Palin couldn’t fight the battle of the media and choose her family over them. As strong candidate that loves her state and a mother, she chose to do what is right; step down from the governor’s seat and let those good old boys try it again. Does this mean the media won? NO. She fought back, to clear her name, her families’ name, those that worked hard in the administration and that fought for what is right, in a tell all book, “Going Rogue”. I don’t believe this is the last that we will see from Ms. Palin, and we shall see her fighting for the 3 issues she is most affiliated with: natural resources, special needs, and women’s issues.

Go Girl!

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