Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Heretics Daughter

By: Kathleen Kent 3/5

The book, a National Bestseller makes me realize where the majority of the US population stands in respects to knowing a true literary piece. “The Heretics Daughter”, while not a literary piece, and not that in-depth, was a great story. Long at times, with parts that seems unnecessary the story had a flow.  It seemed that once the family was in prison, the story got interesting and you cared a lot more for the characters. The story leads you to believe in what would happen if….  The story is historical fiction, and the Salem Witch trials 100% existed, and this story has the personal touch of Ms. Kent’s grandmother once removed was Martha Carrier!

Did Martha possess powers such as telling the weather? Maybe. Though I believe the idea is that this family had more knowledge and know how than others, which made many fear them as witches.  Was the family indeed witches, No.

Over all it was a good book!

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