Wednesday, December 30, 2009


By: Chuck Palahniuk 3/5

The writer of “The Fight Club” and “Lullaby” has done it again! Chuck Palahniuk makes me shiver when I think of the graphic words he uses to describe his bizarre thoughts, and feelings that go into writing a book.

Diary is the story of Misty Wilmot the young artist that finds herself in a Catch-22 situation where she must paint for her life. In her college years she envisions and paints the houses that are so realistic. Later she meets a strange boy, that knows and has seen these houses, on his island. The life story, of girl meets boy, marry and move to the fairy tale island changes are her husband, now in a coma, is taking from beyond. He was always bizarre man whose job was to remodel people’s homes. Misty now faces angry customers of the remodeled homes, as her lunatic husband has hid rooms in these peoples houses. He leaves encrypted messages written on the walls of these hidden rooms, that Misty is bound to see. Misty is in the midst of an array of interesting characters, like her mother in law Grace Wilmot, her daughter, Tabbi, and a self proclaimed writing expert Angel Delaporte.

The story is strange and takes you on lots of twists and turns. As one who can always guess what happens next, Mr. Palahniuk has had me beat, I could not have seen that ending happening. The story has an interesting plot, twists, turns and in true Palahniuk style, a truly strange feeling. The book leaves you feeling grossed out, with in depth descriptions, and leaves you with hibbie jibbies running down your spine as the story of Peter Wilmont unfolds and we, the readers, find out more about the strange island Waytansea Island and the Waytansea Hotel. If you’re a reader who likes a little suspense and little bit of gore, this is the book for you.

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