Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh No We're Going to Die


Typical Alaskan Book, where a true blooded Alaskan, Bob Bell, gives you his stories of the great outdoors of Alaska. No one can doubt how much Bob Bell loves this state, and how much he appreciates nature. He is the rough and tough kind of guy, the Cessna flying, shot gun carrying, quirky and funny guy!

I really enjoyed reading this book, even if the book is written in the story telling way, where you feel like you are reading his mind, verse a book. Once you get past the style of writing, you enjoy the beauty of his stories. From being surrounded by 8 bears in the woods at night with his shot gun in the tent, to doing water skiing off a canoe with a salmon (my favorite)!

It also is a reality of how harsh Alaska can be, no one seams to believe that just beyond the boarders of Anchorage is a vast wilderness that will KILL you. Alaska the almighty state has taken many and is always trying to add more to her list. Bob Bell had many close encounters and he shares those with funny anecdotes and a serious underlining warning of the Alaskan Outdoors.

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