Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Water for Elephants

Sara Gruen 4.5/5

Yes a truly amazing book just like everyone says. The beautiful story of life on the road, of a smart elephant (and they are), of a toothless lion, a boy that becomes a man, a Romanian acrobat, and the harsh realities of the circus during The Great Depression.

Marlena, the delicate; Jacob the boy and Rosie the wonderful pachyderm. This book is harsh, and at the same time I think it romanticizes the life of the circus. It was a hard life, that people didn’t see behind the curtains. I learned that the circus also had a prostitution ring.

I did know the ending but you became very close to the characters, so much so that you can feel what they were feeling. I guess that is what a great book is considered. I do have so say “Modoc: The World’s Greatest Elephant” was significantly better because I am a non-fiction reader.

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