Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Piece of Cake

By: Cupcake Brown 4.5/5

The not so sweet story of La’Vette to those she hated, Cupcake to those she loved.
Taking place in the 1970s, Cup was forced into foster care that age of 11 due to the death of her mother. At the age of 11, Cupcake lost her child hood and became part of the system.

While this book really is reminiscent of “White Oleander”, there are comparisons that would never happen. There is a racial undertone to the book, as well as unbelievable positive ending with a great message of loving yourself.

Cup endures every hardship there is out there, gang violence, drug abuse, rape, prostitution, racism, battery and more.

This is a not a book for the feign of heart!

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