Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Secret Life of Bees

By: Sue Monk Kidd 4/5

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to read this book like I wanted to read it. I had to put it down a bunch of times due to a new work schedule and being tired all the time.  So while the book was a beautiful story of females and their endurances, I feel like a lot must have escaped me.
I am sure there is a lot to be said about symbolism of bees in the main characters bedroom and then her ending up at the pink house. The characters where well written, and the story line of a child missing her mother is of course heart wrenching.  My favorite character was Rosaleen and her naiveté’s towards the world.

I do recommend this book to others and my apologies for not being able to write more about bees, about the culture and the meaning of them in this book or about the Black Madonna. Good story though. What keeps me for giving it a 5/5 is that sometimes it was slow, and that might have been because of my mood.

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