Saturday, April 17, 2010

Completely Different

So... I don't have people following me... BUT I am totally coping the Julie & Julia idea....KINDA.

I have been cooking for a while, since I was little when my mother forced in the kitchen with her, and I hated every single minute of it.  But now I am 27 and it feels like the only one my age that cooks or learned anything about cooking. My friends still use the box of macaroni and take out food. Once in a while when I have the chance between working out, going to work, walking my dog and taking him to the vet, I like to cook.

My specialties have always been Chocolate Rum Meringue Cake and Pork Tenderloin in wine with potatoes. I also make stuff peppers and more recently becoming an expert in Curry Keema recipe which I fell in love with at Yak and Yeti.

I have always been pretty traditional and cooked mostly Romanian food that my to be husband is actually pretty accepting to, including polenta, saramura, and even more. But recently a dear friend of mine, Amy, who loves food has changed my tasting to many new things which brought me to Yak and Yeti.  Anyways... I have explored more with food and realized that all those times that I hated in the kitchen I have learned one or two things, and I have a mini talent for cooking.

I am going to start the first set of food play... which is very sexy with my dish I cooked tonight. Totally what was in the fridge. I had frozen Sea Bass that was given to me and I make Pan Seared Thyme Sea Bass over a Peppered sauce and Steam Asparagus. Well... the sauce tasted like heaven.

To make the sauce, you take a yellow pepper, orange pepper, 1 onion and you put them in a pan with olive oil, and cook them lightly with some vinegar and sweet wine which makes a great sauce.  You cook them and when you get impatient you cook them some more until you know the peppers are bendy.


Then you put in blender... and blend.. you make sauce.

When you pan sear, apparently the trick is you don't put a lot of olive oil in the pan and you cook it on high heat and fast. When preparing the Bass, you cut it and salt and put the thyme in there, and cook first on the Thyme side and then flip, it gives it better taste after i rubberized the first set of Sea Bass. The Bass should flake and not be hard, thats how you know you cooked it well.

Anyways... plate how you want but the sauce was amazing with the Sea Bass. We drank a white wine  St. Michelle something or other and it was good. Lyndt chocolates for dessert. 

On a sad note, the reason for all the cooking is the husband to be is leaving for a while and I want to him to remember what is home.

Food Blogging copy cat.

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