Monday, February 1, 2010


By: Michael Crichton 4.5/5

I am not very familiar with Michael Crichton, and have been told many great things. The first book I read by this author was Next and thoroughly enjoyed the book. I had no idea what Prey was about, so I was surprised by the subject. I did this book as an audio book, and somehow found myself driving aimlessly to keep going and hear more. The book was captivating and the story line was great. What if science and technology and biology mix, would this be our world? Is this a fear that we should honestly be afraid of? Where will science lead us? Is it our ultimate doom? Nanotechnology is an emerging science with real goals of making things smaller and smaller, what will it be used for. It is proven that in today time, nanotechnology is in the world around you, such as cell phones, TVs, DVDs, MP3s, and even your tanning lotion! So Crichton begs the question, “What if?”

The characters were very believable and I love Jack as the hero, and unlikely nerd that saves the day. I despised Julia from the first few moments of the book, and I felt like I could read her. Plot was fantastic with twists, turns, and never expecting the next chapter! Crichton’s style of writing is easy, un cumbered by lengthy descriptions that some authors have the tendency to do in order to show their impressive big words. I loved the research that Crichton has to ultimately do in order to portray this book as realistic and most importantly the prologue at the being of the book explaining his reasoning behind his choice to write the book. Michael Crichton, I am hooked!

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